NIN Radio Ep. 13 – Stonework Play with Dr Diana Suskind

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This is Episode Number 013: Stonework Play with Dr Diana Suskind

In this Episode, host Tania Moloney interviews Dr Diana Suskind. Diana is an international early childhood consultant and artist who brings her creative spirit to support children with their personal, emotional and social development. Diana has shared her passion working and playing all around the world with colleagues and children and she taught for many years as an associate professor at Fitchburg State University, in Leominster, Massuchusetts in the US. She is also the Founder of an incredible organisation and process called Stonework Play.  Tania chats with Diana about Stonework Play and how this unique, simple, and powerful process can help children (and adults too) to reconnect with nature, themselves and each other. We also hear from some children voices too, Diana’s great niece and nephew, Amilie (11) and Emmett (8), who tell us so beautifully what Stonework Play means to them. As Emmett tells us, “Keep Calm and Nature On with Stonework Play!”


Educator and International Education Consultant and Founder of Stonework Play

Diana Suskind, Ed.D, is an educator and international consultant for early childhood development and elementary education. She has implemented her Stonework/Stonework Play Program in museums and schools around the world, teaching young students to release their creative energy through touch and storytelling. Dr. Suskind is now introducing her Stonework Project to professionals in the field of early childhood education. Previously, Dr. Suskind was an associate professor of education at Fitchburg (Mass.) State University, where she focused on early childhood education and RIE parent-infant guidance classes.

What is Stonework Play?

“Stonework Play is a form of creative learning. It engages the senses and animates imagination, allowing each person to tell a story or make a unique pattern suggested by handling the stones. The weight, form and texture of each stone suggest artistic choices that result in original work.
Stonework Play responds to the idea of nature’s power to enrich the imagination. It helps the artist, no matter how young, to explore and express emotions, thoughts and feelings through stone arrangements and the stories they elicit. Stones are a kinesthetic medium, never fixed in their place or meaning, the ground an endless canvas, and small hands the brushes that move them.” Dr Diana Suskind

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