The best storytelling resources for nature loving educators and parents

Use my personal Playbook to unlock easy and fun nature storytelling secrets that will open the door to real-word play and learning for you and the kids in your care.

I’ve got the key to the door that opens into the powerful world where nature, story and children meet. What’s inside this Playbook will help unlock your inner storyteller and tap into the nature loving kid inside you.

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In my Nature Storytelling Playbook, you will:

  • Explore story books that represent and celebrate diversity and inclusion in the outdoors across cultures, abilities, genders and ages - and why this is vital for children to be able to see themselves represented in nature and in stories,
  • Discover the Top 5 Tools that I have in my nature storytelling bucket and 4 real world examples of each tool that will help you make storytelling, story making and story sharing in and with nature a breeze.
  • Learn how you can easily apply nature storytelling practices across multiple areas of curriculum so you can extend the impact and learning opportunities.
  • Save time and reduce overwhelm using my Nature Storytelling Planner to help you plan and prepare for your nature storytelling adventures.
  • See how easy it is to use these resources and tools over and over again to plan for new nature storytelling lessons/sessions, extend the learning and play over multiple sessions, and have it all at your fingertips when the kids (and you) want to revisit your favourites.

The place where nature and story meet is a powerful place - for children and our planet. Come with me and I’ll take you there.

Once upon a time you made a wish to become a better storyteller for and with children … I’ll be the wind beneath your dandelion to make that wish come true!

 What others say about my Playbook

The Nature Storytelling Playbook is a fantastic resource for educators and parents alike. The characters in this book will hold your hand and gently guide you and your children outside and on your storytelling adventure - if you don't know where to start, this book will show you!

 / Kindergarten Teacher, Educational Leader & Mum!

- Catherine Hurley -

What an amazing resource to inspire parents and carers to take up the challenge of immersing their children into the beauty of nature and storytelling.
Play Australia wants every child to play outside every day, and this resources will support children’s fascination with nature and nurture a love of learning through engaging ways to develop early literacy. A brilliant contribution to enhance the hectic life of parents and educators today.

 / Executive Director, Play Australia

- Barbara Champion, -

A wonderful resource to help us share our passion for stories with the children we work with. The Nature Storytelling Playbook is respectful to reflect diversity within our community. A great companion to support working within our early years framework (VEYLDF)'.

 / Supported Playgroup Facilitator

- Natasha Hund -

In 2012 Tania Moloney founded Nurture in Nature and has been helping educators, parents and others who care deeply for connecting kids and nature to grow their knowledge and skills so they feel confident and supported in their nature-inspired teaching and learning practice.

She presents regularly at national & international conferences & events including: Children and Nature Network Conference (2016, 2017, 2019, 2022), International Association of Nature Pedagogy Conference, Environmental Education in Early Childhood Conference, Playgroup Victoria Conference and Outdoors Victoria Conference.

She is also the host of the Nurture in Nature Radio Podcast, is a Vasque Footwear Ambassador, drives The Nature Bus mobile classroom, and leads innovative and engaging professional development programs for educators - including an annual face to face Campference Teacher Nature Conference and Retreat in Australia, Campference: Where Nature Meets Story (Online Conference) and Nurture in Nature’s online Membership Community, Treehouse Educators.

Tania has a knack of bringing great people who care deeply for children and nature together around the campfire - be it in the real world or the virtual one - and making sure there is a welcoming seat for everyone around it.