a Creative, hands-on professional development Day for both Aspiring and Published children's book authors!






Tania Moloney, Nurture in Nature & Award-Winning Children's Book Author

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for Children's Book Authors

Unleash the power of nature's wonders to ignite your creativity and captivate young minds.

This unique full-day workshop invites you to draw inspiration from the natural world around you to create stories that children and their adults will want to read over and over again.

Embrace the essence of nature as we delve into dynamic exercises and engaging activities designed to enhance your storytelling skills and confidence.

Who should join us?

Whether you're an aspiring or published children's book author aiming to infuse your tales with the magic of nature, this professional development experience promises to be a journey of inspiration, collaboration, skill enhancement and fun!

It's perfect for...

  • Children's Book Authors - both aspiring and published
  • Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, Librarians and other wonderful people know they have a book inside them and want to grow their knowledge, skills, confidence and impact to get started in creating their own children's books.

Discover how the secrets of the natural world can breathe life into your narratives, fostering a deeper connection between literature and the environment.

Here's what you'll experience...

nature connection

Immerse yourself in guided nature activities that will stimulate your senses, spark your imagination, and invite you to be playful too.

Practical Strategies

Gain valuable insights and practical strategies on incorporating nature-inspired storytelling into your writing practice.

Collaborative Storytelling

Foster a sense of community as you collaborate with fellow authors to craft compelling narratives that resonate with children.

Creative Writing Exercises

Unleash your inner wordsmith through specially crafted writing exercises inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Resource Sharing

Access a wealth of curated resources, from nature-themed story prompts to recommended reading lists, to enrich your storytelling toolkit.

and yummy food! 

A delicious Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea is provided to keep those creative juices flowing. (BYO Lunch)

Elevate your storytelling to new heights – join us for Nature-Inspired Storytelling for Children's Book Authors and embark on a transformative adventure where the magic of nature meets the art of storytelling!

Here's what we'll be doing together...

This immersive PD day comprises four workshops which seamlessly blend theory and practice, ensuring a holistic learning experience.


Workshop 1: Connect & Ignite the Spark

We begin our nature storytelling adventures with guided nature activities that will stimulate your senses and spark your imagination.


Workshop 2: Clay and Storylines

In this fun and hands-on session, we'll switch on our imaginations as we gather ideas, inspiration and loose parts from the natural world to become ‘Story Makers'.

You will be introduced to a number of story-making ideas and strategies that you can use, develop and adapt across the curriculum and your writing.

Through nurturing creativity, communication skills and teamwork what you learn in this workshop will help you grow your storytelling skills and confidence.

This workshop brings creative nature art together with oral, written and digital storytelling, making stories come alive before your eyes!


Workshop 3: Stonework Play

Stonework Play connects participants with nature, creative expression, art and storytelling, using a beautiful variety of stones as the medium.

Participants will be guided through a 5 Step process of:

1. GATHERING their chosen stones
2. CONSTRUCTING their stone creation
3. RENDERING (drawing) their work on paper
4. NARRATING (writing) what they have done in story form
5. SHARING their stories and experience with the group

In this workshop you'll experience a mindful storytelling practice that will leave you inspired and empowered, whilst at the same time feeling incredibly peaceful and calm.


Workshop 4: Turning Inspiration Into Action 

Together we'll reflect on what you have learnt and how you will implement nature-inspired storytelling experiences in your writing practice, in practical and meaningful ways.

You'll walk away feeling empowered to continue practices that will instil a sense of wonder, creativity, gratitude, & nature connection for children and yourself.

This workshop is about sharing experiences and insights, and tapping into the wisdom of our group to help your story get out into the world to inspire the next generation of young readers and nature-lovers.


Nature-Inspired Storytelling for Children's Book Authors

Meet Your Facilitator

Tania Moloney

Founder of Nurture in Nature and Award-Winning Children's Book Author of Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World

Tania Moloney is the Founder of Nurture in Nature Australia, The Nature Bus and Treehouse Educators Learning Community. She is passionate about helping kids, families, schools, early learning centres, communities and people of all ages connect with nature and with each other.

She's also a Children's Book Author, with her award-winning debut book, Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World, published in 2023.

Tania facilitates many face-to-face and online Professional Development workshops and incursions (both for children and adults). These include an annual in-person CAMPference Teacher Nature Conference and Retreat, and a variety of inspiring and engaging bespoke workshops for educator groups.

As a nature loving parent, Nature-prenuer, nature pedagogue and community connector, she’s at her happiest outdoors, surrounded by kids, and her creative ideas, engaging workshops and innovative nature connection programs and resources have been embraced by people from all over the world.

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Here’s what people are saying about Nurture in Nature & Tania Moloney's PD's, Programs & Courses

"I used to think that I needed to create a lesson to head outdoors. Now I think to go outdoors and the lesson will find us! Thank you Tania!"


Primary School Teacher

Nature and storytelling go hand-in-hand - and I have had such amazing success implementing what I've learnt from Tania. I can barely contain my excitement and want to share it with everyone!


Early Childhood Teacher

"I used to feel unsure about the path I was on. Now I feel confident that I'm not alone, and the work that I'm doing is on the right track and supported by others in my field". 


Kindergarten Teacher & Nature Pedagogue

“...Thank you for your commitment and passion in supporting educators to improve outcomes for children." 


Early Childhood Teacher

"Tania, this was definitely one of the most important PD's that I have done in my life because we were very active and not just sitting and listening. I have already shared it with my team members at our educational leaders meeting and they loved the resources and ideas".


Kindergarten Teacher

"There are certain professionals who I like to keep in regular contact with because they inspire my teaching practice and fill my bucket. Tania is one of those people!


Early Years Educator

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