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Discover how getting outdoors together can help your family be happier, healthier and more connected

Free Online Video Series shows you how to make more time for nature and your kids - despite your busy life.

So are you coming to play ?

Workshop starts April 18.

Don't you wish sometimes you had a NO-BRAINER idea to help you? 
You know the one ... something that takes the thinking, planning, stress and organizing out of doing something … and leaves you with just the DOING part with my family … the fun bit!
Join me for this free video series and I’ll help you all get outdoors to play, learn and reconnect with what really matters most - and make doing it a No-Brainer!
You’ll also discover the powerful impact that nature time can have in your family:
  • Learn how connecting with nature can give your kids a ‘natural’ advantage - physically, psychologically, socially and academically.
  • Find out why ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ is making today’s kids overweight, short-sighted and depressed - and how to prevent it in your family.
  • Experience how spending quality time in nature together can nurture stronger family bonds.
  • Discover a STEP BY STEP PLAN to help you get outdoors together more often FASTER, EASIER AND WAY MORE FUN!
PLUS you’ll have lots and lots of ideas on hand when your kids say “I’m bored”!