FREE 3-Part Interview Series- Nurture in Nature: Families Connecting in Nature

As parents, we are blessed with the precious gift of nurturing our children as they grow; helping them to thrive in the world.

It’s no wonder that we often feel overwhelmed and underprepared considering the sheer responsibility of what that means.

Cultivating a whole little person to be healthy and happy inside and out … it’s staggering, really, what we are indeed capable of … but when you think of all the “How to’s”, the “Should do’s” of child raising today, I’m often surprised more of us aren’t seen running for the hills!

It’s a jungle out there!

But what if one of those “Should do’s” turned out to be one of your most powerful allies as a parent?

The natural world can provide so many wonderful benefits for your kids (and YOU!). Please enter your name and email to be notified as soon as my FREE 3-part video interview series breaks ground in August 2013. You’ll hear from some of the world’s foremost advocates and practitioners in connecting children and families with and in nature, that can help you to give your children roots to grow and wings to soar.

This year will be over before you know it … another 52 weeks down in just over 900 that your kids will be kids … register to access the FREE interviews now and start making some cherished memories with your family today.


What is your greatest takeaway from these interviews?

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