NIN Radio Ep. 004 – Nurturing Our Future Environmental Stewards with Dr Ron Swaisgood

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Welcome to Nurture in Nature Radio – the podcast aimed at connecting kids, families and people of all ages with nature.

This is Episode Number 004: Nurturing Our Future Environmental Stewards with Dr Ron Swaisgood

Today on the show, host Tania Moloney interviews conservation biologist, nature connection advocate and nature loving Dad, Dr Ron Swaisgood.

Conservation Biologist; Director of Applied Animal Ecology, San Diego Zoo; Co-Founder, Family Adventures in Nature, Family Nature Club

In this episode, Tania chats with Ron about the importance of teaching our children to know and love the natural world to ensure we are nurturing environmental stewards for the future. You’ll also learn how Ron, his wife Janice and their two adventurous young boys make nature a part of who they are as a family and how family nature clubs can bring families and communities together. We weigh up the risks and rewards of nature, and you’ll hear how letting your kids get ‘off the trail’ to explore nature is often the right thing to do!

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'Family Adventures in Nature' Family Nature Club

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