NIN Radio Ep. 005 – Nature and the Commonsense Raising of Kids with Maggie Dent

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Welcome to Nurture in Nature Radio – the podcast aimed at connecting kids, families and people of all ages with nature.

This is Episode Number 005: Nature and the Commonsense Raising of Kids

Today on the show, host Tania Moloney interviews Maggie Dent, Australia’s Queen of Commonsense when it comes to raising our kids!

Author, Educator, Parenting and Resilience Specialist, Specialising in Early Years and Adolescence

Maggie is a champion for children and parents. In her endearing, and forthright manner, she shares with us practical advice, strategies and resources for a more ‘commonsense’ raising of our children, to help them get along in the world – and help us ‘survive’ and enjoy the journey of parenthood! We talk about the need for children to have real experiences with real people; the restorative powers of time in nature; how to help kids understand and manage their emotions (including grief); and how times of stillness, silence and mindfulness are vital for kids and parents alike.

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