Create outdoor play and nature inspired learning opportunities to help children grow and thrive

✓ Grow your knowledge & confidence

✓ Be inspired into action

✓ Know you're supported

We know you're passionate about connecting children and nature, but it can be frustrating to find time, energy and fresh ideas in yagour busy teaching day.

You feel stretched and overwhelmed by all the boxes you're required to tick; rushed and depleted having to spend hours outside work time planning and preparing; and bombarded by endless parent questions.

You also feel like you have few options to seek support in this demanding role.

You deserve easy access to quality resources, engaging and easy to implement ideas that you can confidently embed into your programs - and to know you're supported personally and professionally. 

We'll equip you with fresh ideas and resources for nature-based play and learning, and connect you with a community of like-minded educators, helping you to get outdoors more easily and more often.

Feel empowered

Grow your knowledge and skills, access quality resources and feel more confident

Deepen connections

Nurture deeper connections with nature for you and the children in your care

Find community

Connect with a like-minded community who you can call on for help and support

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Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World
More than just a story, this children’s picture book is a call to action to inspire the next generation of nature heroes!

Here's how we can help you ...

1. Let's Talk

Book a time for a chat with us and we'll take the time to learn about your needs, wants and challenges.

2. Design a Program or PD Plan Together

We'll work with you to develop and implement a Program or PD plan to fit your unique situation, environment or cohort.

3. Grow your Confidence & Improve Outcomes for Children

Feel inspired, confident and connected on your nature inspired teaching and learning journey

Educators and parents love our outdoor play and nature inspired learning programs and resources.

"Fabulous ideas for families and educators!"

Tania, I LOVE learning from you about this important topic! I was getting goosebumps thinking about how helpful and inspiring your ideas are in supporting families in getting outside. I can't wait to share it with Nature Nuts families! 

Brenda Running

Exec Director, Nature Nuts, Washington USA & Board of Directors of the American Forest Kindergarten Association

"I have already shared these ideas with my team at our educational leaders meeting and they loved them!"

This was definitely one of the most important PD's that I have done in my life because we were very active and not just sitting and listening. The day actually took me to my childhood and was thinking about children these days. I have already shared it with my team members at our educational leaders meeting and they loved the resources and ideas. I have started doing lots of things with our kinder children and at this stage I see myself as a researcher. Once again thank you so much to you and your team.

Chanu Perera

Kindergarten Teacher,

Florence Collins Children's Services, Warrnambool

"Inspires my teaching practice and fills my bucket"

There are certain professionals who I like to keep in regular contact with because they inspire my teaching practice and fill my bucket. Tania is one of those people, and I find I have had such amazing success implementing what I learn from her. I can barely contain my excitement and want to share it with everyone!

Catherine Beckingham

Early Childhood Educator

What makes us different

At Nurture in Nature we know that you want to continually grow on your nature inspired teaching and learning journey.  To help you do that you need tools and ideas that you can easily embed into your programming as you support children in their learning and growth - and you need a community of likeminded educators who will support you.

The problem is you often feel over-stretched, under-resourced, overwhelmed and unsupported, which makes you feel stuck and frustrated.  You yearn for a community who will support and mentor you; who you can share ideas with and who will help you work through challenges that come up. What would be possible for you if you had a 'village' like that around you? 

We will work with you and walk with you, to inspire you, empower you and get you really excited about taking your children outdoors to play, learn and explore; and we'll connect you with a likeminded community to help further inspire and support you along your journey.

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"Amazing resource to support nature play and a love of learning"

What an amazing resource to inspire parents and carers to take up the challenge of immersing their children into the beauty of nature and storytelling.
Play Australia wants every child to play outside every day, and these resources will support children’s fascination with nature and nurture a love of learning through engaging ways to develop early literacy. A brilliant contribution to enhance the hectic life of parents and educators today.

Barbara Champion

Executive. Director
Play Australia

Campference: Where Nature Meets Story


FREE 7 Day Online Conference for Educators, Parents and everyone who cares deeply for
children and nature! The special place where nature and story intersect is a powerful place - for children and our planet. We’d love for you to meet us there.

Grab yourself a FREE spot around our virtual campfire as we gather together to learn, play
and connect around the theme of Where Nature Meets Story.

A Message From Tania Moloney

Founder of Nurture in Nature

When children are given regular and meaningful opportunities to connect with the natural world - and they are supported by a passionate mentor - they learn, grow and thrive with nature by their sides and in their hearts.

I started Nurture in Nature in 2012 to help educators, parents and others like you who care deeply about kids and nature, to grow their knowledge and skills, so they feel confident and supported in their nature-inspired teaching and learning practice.

I hope you enjoy the resources, ideas, programs and activities that you'll find here, and if I can support you in any way on your nature connection journey, please get in touch. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in the 'real world' at one of our fab programs too!

See you outside!

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia and recognise the deep knowledge, connection and caring relationship they have to the land and waters on which we play, learn and explore. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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