Reconnect with your kids and with nature.

For parents, me included, nature can be a powerful ally, an often needed sense of perspective and an old friend (sometimes, sadly, a long forgotten one).

If your childhood was anything like mine, it was filled with opportunities for adventure, freedom and LOTS of mud pies! Ah, the good old days!

My brothers and I yabbying and exploring when I was about 6 years old. I'm the one holding the stick!)

We climbed trees; we rode our bikes to our friends house; we knew our neighbours … and they looked out for us. I was fortunate to have a childhood that I look back on with so many happy memories. My kids deserve to have that and I know you want the same for yours too.

Most of my most cherished memories are of times spent with family and friends outside, just doing what kids do best … PLAYING!

For my family, reconnecting with nature has helped my children learn about themselves, about others and to know, love and care for the natural world. It has given them strong foundations for learning and life, and has played a powerful role in strengthening our family relationships. 

It's also been a welcome trip down memory lane for me!

I know that Mother Nature can offer your family these amazing gifts too, and make raising your kids easier and way more fun!

I hope you enjoy the resources, advice and fun activities that you'll find here, and also take part in sharing conversations, thoughts, ideas and memories of time spent with your kids in nature.

Just make sure that when you're done you get outside with your kids and feel the sun in your face, the wind in your hair and the warmth in your heart.

Now, of course the benefits of reconnecting with nature aren't just for parents and families. As parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, educators and anyone else who cares for children, we all want the best for the kids we care for, and we all have the opportunity and responsibility to teach them to know, love and care for the natural world.

If you'd like to get in touch with me directly, you can email me from the 'Contact Us' page and please drop by and say hi on Facebook. I'd love you to share some of your cherished family memories spent in nature too in the comments area just down below.

By stopping for just a minute to reflect on some of the magic moments you've shared with your kids, I know it'll bring a smile to your face, that lovely warm feeling in your heart and maybe even a happy tear or two to your eyes. You'll be sharing some great ideas that have worked for you and you'll get lots of inspiration and ideas from others too ... and you know as well as I do that you can never have too many great and simple ideas up your sleeve for fun things to do with your kids!

Enjoy ... and I'll see you and your family OUTSIDE!





Mum of two really great kids,

Passionate advocate for connecting
and families with and in nature,
Managing Director,
Nurture in Nature Australia

What are some fun times you've had and cherished memories you've made with your kids in nature?

What is your greatest takeaway from these interviews?

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Tania is a Mum to two really great nature-loving kids. She’s also the founder of Nurture in Nature and is passionate about connecting families with and in nature.

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