The interview below is part of a very special interview series with some of the world's leading advocates and practitioners who help connect children and families with and in nature, along with researchers, educators, emotional intelligence specialists, environmental champions, relationship experts, parenting experts, and health practitioners.

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist Transformational Life Coach, Specialising in working with children and families

As you watch, listen and learn, you'll hear lots of simple and practical ways to help your children to grow and thrive, nurture strong and meaningful bonds with them and create cherished family memories.

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Mum of two really great kids,
Passionate advocate for connecting
children and families with and in nature,
and Managing Director,
Nurture in Nature Australia

Tania Moloney interviews Dr Louise Finlayson

In this interview, Louise shares how you can really get to know, understand and nurture who your child uniquely is – and help them to know and love themselves too. You’ll learn how to help your children understand and express all of their emotions, and what it means to find real ‘inner happiness’. There are great ways to open up the lines of communication, and how to teach your kids values by being a positive role model. As we discuss navigating those challenging times with our kids, you’ll hear simple and effective ways to set boundaries and ‘real rules’ and practice respectful, positive discipline. I just love Louise, and you will too!

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